About Us

Who We Are

PDMP is a farmer-driven organization advancing our State's dairy industry through improved productivity and economic viability with continued stewardship of our animals, environment and community.

Founded in 1994 by dairy producers throughout the state committed to increasing profit opportunities for the industry and securing a future for Pennsylvania dairy, the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania has become the leading organization for dairy producers in the state of Pennsylvania.  PDMP focuses on promoting a favorable dairy business climate in Pennsylvania for dairy producers who want to ensure their dairy operation is a profitable venture.

PDMP provides a unique opportunity for producers to interact in an educational and informational way with other progressive producers and agri-business persons, and gives a voice to its members on policy issues impacting the dairy producer.

Members of PDMP are not defined by size or by region within the state, but rather by an attitude and commitment to securing a profitable future for Pennsylvania's dairy families. As an organization, the members work collectively, support each other and share ideas. Members unite for the benefit of the dairy industry as a whole.

What We Do

  1. EDUCATE – professional development activities to improve our members’ skills and increase knowledge 

    PDMP strives to increase the productivity and profitability of our members by providing tools and information about technology, research, production practices, business management, etc., to owners/managers of dairy operations and enhance the personal and professional growth of our members through facilitating positive interaction with their peers.

  2. PROMOTE – activities to raise public awareness of the positives of the dairy industry and accurate information about production practices. 

    PDMP works to increase public awareness of the positive aspects of the dairy industry and represents members with a responsible voice

  3. ADVOCATE – activities to promote the future of the dairy industry through responsible public policy 

    PDMP has become a strong voice representing the dairy industry on matters of public policy, advocating for a business environment that supports the future viability of our industry, with legislation and regulations based on good science, professional practices, and common sense. PDMP continues to increase awareness about the needs of our members with those elected officials, governmental agencies, and educational/research institutions that can address those needs, to benefit the entire industry.

  4. RESEARCH – activities to help improve the profitability of our members through facilitating helpful research 

    PDMP serves as a catalyst to identify needs and opportunities for research that supports the improved production and profitability of our members.