FARM 101 Webinar

Implementation of FARM 4.0 might not seem so daunting if you have the correct information, and don’t have to rely on the rumor mill or dig through endless forms online to find it.  PDMP is working with our partners throughout the animal ag industry to help get your questions answered and put you on the quickest path to success.  On Tuesday, July 14th at 1:00 p.m. we are hosting a web conference for our members and their vets that will include perspectives from each aspect of FARM implementation; a dairy producer from NY, a veterinarian from OH, a director of farm practices at a co-operative in northeastern U.S. and a representative from the FARM program in D.C.

This program is free to PDMP members and their vets and we strongly encourage producers to bring their veterinarian to the discussion.

“Seating” is limited so advance registration is required. 


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