September Summit

Thursday, September 7th - 2017

Doing the Right Thing and the Right Thing to Do!

¨ Injections and antibiotic use ¨ Down cow procedures & Protocols ¨ Avoiding undercover stings ¨ Bqa certification ¨ Managing employees to ‘do the right thing’ ¨ Obstetric training ¨ Identifying and developing leaders     

As we learned at this year’s PA Dairy Summit, Animal activists have increased their successful use of undercover video investigations to undermine public trust in today’s farms and food.  The real goal is to pressure brands to demand changes at the supplier level or create public action on specific animal care issues, but as we've experienced, the targets for undercover videos are usually individual farms. 

But if dairy employees adhere to the principals of programs like Dairy Animal Care and Quality Assurance (DACQA) and the National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program, there should be no opportunity for undercover operators to use your dairy as a feature of their anti-animal ag crusade. And doing the right things in caring for the dairy’s most important asset improves profitability so it’s an easy choice to invest in training dairy workers and their managers on the right things to do.

The September Summit on September 7th is for people who work with the cows, and their managers.  Attendees will rotate between on-farm workshops throughout the day to be trained in animal care protocols to protect the dairy’s reputation as a top animal care producer AND to improve revenue. 

Attendees will receive the necessary documentation required for certification in DABQA and FARM programs and management breakouts will include how to get employees to adhere to the policies and follow the protocols you put in place as well as how proactively avoid the Animal activists who are skilled at getting hired at the farm, building rapport with farm workers, and identifying or instigating on-farm behaviors to capture and position negatively on video.


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