PDMP 2018 Summer Summit

Wednesday, August 8th - 2018

PDMP Summer Summits are planned carefully to make the most of the dairy producers' time away from operations, give dairy management a choice in on farm topics and create an opportunity to network with other dairy professionals to learn from and share with your peers.  And they are always a great way to get off your own dairy and see what someone else is doing.

This year's Summer Summit will cover BQA qualifying cow handling/stockmanship, super soils from best management practices and a workshop on using current visa and other programs to legally hire and retain immigrant dairy workers.  You pick two out of three morning sessions that fit your interest then after a delicious networking lunch made by the host farm and the locally famous "Amish Chicken Cookers", all attendees will participate in an important discussion on EPA and DEP plans (WIPIII) for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  For more details on the day's program and a registration form, click on the link below.

Weigh in on WIPIII

With a few members of The Pennsylvania Watershed Implementation Plan Agriculture Workgroup, which is composed of 15 members including active farmers and representatives of farm and agribusiness organizations, environmental organizations, commercial farm consulting businesses, conservation districts, farm integrators, and state agencies working with the agricultural industry, attendees will weigh in on their just released recommendations to develop a realistic and effective strategy for reducing nutrient and sediment loadings coming from farmlands in the Bay watershed, to the maximum extent practical for the farm community to implement.

This workgroup is the first attempt by the Federal and State regulatory agencies to offer input from the Ag industry in how environmental policy should take shape in Pennsylvania and the PDMP Summer Summit is the first time the Ag Workgroup will have an opportunity to hear from farmers if the goals are realistic and their recommendations are realistic.  To date, the Bay Watershed Improvement Plans have been developed without input from the Ag community, but this phase is different, and we finally have a chance to weigh in BEFORE policy is set.  This will impact how farms are managed, regardless of size, species, or possibly even if there is no animal operation at all.  We will discuss how the Bay Model has been derived and learn how much responsibility is being assigned to farms to improve water quality.  The work being done now will impact how policy and compliance is enforced for years to come and if we don’t speak up now, we will only have ourselves to blame if unrealistic regulatory policy is forced upon us.

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